Your doctor has recommended that you need to be scheduled for surgery. This information is intended to help you understand the process. There may be additional steps depending on your case.

As the date of your surgery approaches, you will receive phone calls from either our office or from Berkshire Medical Center, Fairview Hospital, or North Adams Regional Hospital. When you receive a phone call concerning your surgery, please take the time to write down the following information:

  • Who is calling
  • From where
  • Why they are calling

Pre-Admission Testing – There is a series of questions that a member of the anesthesia department will ask you to answer. This may be either in person on over the phone depending on the procedure you are having performed or based on your personal past medical history.

Depending on why you are being seen, you may be required to visit your primary care doctor for a medical history and physical prior to your surgery. You may also be required to see any number of specialty doctors including a cardiologist to help verify that surgery is a safe option for you.

  • On the day of your testing, you may eat and drink as you normally do and engage in your usual activities.
  • In person or by phone
    • In person - On the date and time of your testing please report to the Admitting Department in the main lobby of Berkshire Medical Center they will direct you from there.
    • By phone – On the date and time of your phone interview, please be at the phone number you have given us 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Surgery – This is when the actual procedure will be performed. We can give you a date and an approximate time to arrive at the hospital. The hospital will contact you the evening before surgery to inform you of the specific time you should arrive at the hospital.

  1. You will be told which of your usual medications to take before surgery. In some cases, you should NOT take aspirin or aspirin-like products. You physician will advise you on this.
  2. Please make sure you have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery.
  3. On the day of surgery, please check in at the front desk of Berkshire Medical Center, Fairview Hospital or North Adams Regional Hospital, at your assigned time. They will direct you from there.
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